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Powered by Montreal NewTech, Innovators is a live web show dedicated to celebrating and inspiring changemakers passionate about science, technology and open innovation. Investigating behind the scenes of incubators, startups, industry titans and researchers we seek to uncover world changing ideas across all forward thinking industries and contribute to the success of the humans behind these projects.  

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Latest Episodes

INNOVATORS: Visualizing AI – Moving Beyond the Mysterious Black Box

May 21, 2021

We spoke with 2 special guests who have figured out how to make AI more transparent and accessible. Their goal, to “democratize” Artificial Intelligence by turning complex neural networks into rich detailed visuals that make it possible for anyone to decode what their AI is actually doing.

INNOVATORS LIVE SHOW – Beyond the hype : Artificial Intelligence Edition

April 28, 2021

Artificial Intelligence… the hype is behind us, Element AI got sold in a fire-sale, the headlines are more quiet today on “Montreal is AI” bull-sh*t; and it’s a good thing! Finally we can get real about AI. About applied AI. About implementing AI. Properly. And carefully!.

Encouraging diversity and driving innovation in startup leaders

March 12, 2021

An exclusive insight behind the scenes of the Blue Knight initiative by Johnson and Johnson Innovations – the new frontier in the battle of future pandemics. We have 2 very special guests booked who are on the front lines of combating 21st century health threats and emerging infectious diseases.

Venture Capital for Biotechnology Startups

February 19, 2021

Biotech Startup Funding Explained! A Researcher Turned Venture Capitalist Shares Secrets of How to Bring Your Innovation to Life! What does it take to launch and get funding for a Biotech startup? Find out from a serial entrepreneur who does this for a living! + An exclusive interview with a biotech startup founder who just raised $1.5 MILLION dollars!

The Future of Biotech in Canada

January 22, 2021

What happens when Biotechnology research meets with a startup environment? Canada is about to become a world leader in biotech but the innovation center might not be where you expect it to be. Find out all this and more from our special guest Xavier-Henri Hervé.

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