Open Innovation Initiatives

Through our initiatives, MNT aims to accelerate innovation in the Quebec ecosystem by fostering crucial collaborations between key players based on an open innovation management approach. Our initiatives help articulate the interactions between the actors of the innovation ecosystem (incubators, accelerators, research centers, industries, organizations supporting the ecosystem and concerned communities) and triggering important collaborations between them.

As part of the initiatives, MNT holds public gatherings based on challenges to demo new technologies, discuss best practices, forge relationships, build trust and create opportunities for collaboration. These gatherings focus on the exhibition of innovative technologies, products, services of startups, intellectual property resulting from applied research, as well as business issues and market opportunities. Specific themes and technologies are addressed alternately and are organized in collaboration with our strategic partners. These meetings aim to break down silos and increase the chances of collaboration.

Connecting Intelligence 

Inspiration from the best

Series of panels aiming to connect Montreal with different ecosystems from the Rest of Canada and across the world with the objective to learn from others what works well for them and share with them what has worked well for our ecosystem. Besides demonstrating Montreal’s leadership encouraging the build of bridges between ecosystems, it helps to learn best practices to incorporate in our way of building our community.

Connecting Intelligence represents a great opportunity for innovative startups, researchers and companies to establish meaningful connections and spot potential collaborations around the world.

Creative Collisions 

Education & momentum building

Series of industry challenge-driven conferences that promote collaboration between researchers, startups and industry. It does so by bringing them together in open discussions about how to collaborate in common projects in panels, table de travail, and expo lounges. Creative Collisions is active and engaging by design events where researchers and startups showcase their technologies before industry players interested in discovering the latest technologies, homegrown tech startups, and upcoming commercialized research. 

Creative Collisions also serves to manufacture serendipity and create trust bonds among different and complementary innovation ecosystem players and identify potential collaborators for open innovation projects to move forwards.

Collective Innovation work-table – Action readiness and Matchmaking acceleration

Matchmaking and coaching approach series of private collective work-tables with several challenges presented according to the needs identified in Connecting Intelligence & Creative Collisions to empower partners to gain the best talent fitting the open innovation projects.

Would you like to participate?

Our open innovation program runs all year long, hence, we keep our eyes open to identify market opportunities, new technology and IPs, startups and researchers.

Other Initiatives

Startup Mosaic

Startup Mosaic shed light on visible impacts of (in)visible minorities by sharing inspirational portraits of people from all background, education, race, gender or sexual orientation. By highlighting the meaningful stories and contribution of the diversity inside the startup workplace, we want to inspire and empower the youth to either launch their own venture, or join a kick-ass startup!

Out of the bubble Conference

How to Launch Your Startup Successfully

 OOTB was born with the desire to inspire undergraduate and graduate students to explore the world of technological entrepreneurship as a career option. It brings awareness on the numerous resources available in the ecosystem to launch a startup.  

Annual events

MNT engages with the innovation community by participating in most outstanding yearly events organized by our partners or organized in collaboration with our partners. 


Leave the experience of collaborating with industries by developing tech solutions for the challenges proposed during Coopérathon 2020. 

Coopérathon is the largest Open Innovation challenge in Canada, proudly supported since 2015. As its major open innovation partner, MNT is really excited to invite you to join us in the competition.  

Learn how to participate here.


Every year, MNT community joins our friends from Startupfest to celebrate tech entrepreneurship. During the fest, we organize competitions while promoting new technologies developed in Canada that are available for startups.  Startupfest gathers the world’s best entrepreneurs, founders, investors and mentors. Check out some pictures here

Startup Open House

For one day only, hundreds of startups offer free special tours and rare behind-the-scenes experiences to the public, giving you the opportunity to connect with top CEOs and founders shaping the future of business. Visit here the 2019 edition.

Startups Community Awards

S.C.A. celebrates all those who contribute to the development of Montreal’s startup ecosystem, the people, places and organizations that most often work without recognition. Enjoy the pictures from the last edition.


Discover MTL AI Ecosystem, its players and resources throughout a dedicated week. Pictures of the 1st edition in 2018.