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MTL NewTech is a non-profit organization dedicated to the success of technological innovation and entrepreneurship in Montreal.

MNT has been driving the Montreal innovation community since 2008, and its initiatives, meetings, startup demos, hackathons, workshops, etc., bring together thousands of entrepreneurs along with industry leaders, professionals, investors, students, developers, engineers, designers and researchers each year; to explore, experiment, and execute collaborative projects in new technologies.

 The organization brings together a community of innovation and technology enthusiasts who firmly believe that it is through generosity and collaboration within the Montreal ecosystem and beyond that we can bring ambitious innovations to help transform businesses digitally, sustain entrepreneurs, and advance our society in a sustainable way.



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“We strive day to day for a welcoming and inclusive ecosystem in Quebec and Canada, based on trust, where each participant can be ambitious and adventurous to ensure that collaborative interactions lead to important transformational innovations. ”