Communication – marketing coordinateur

– Part-time position –



Mission: to design and execute the marketing plan and the content strategy in order to ensure the success of the programming, increasing the reach, engagement and membership of the organization. 

Roles: besides designing and executing the marketing plan, marketing will coordinate the management and maintenance of the website and the social media. This role will also coordinate/synchronize the marketing activities with Programming, Content and the responsibility of the newsletter. 

Responsibilities (what you are accountable for)

  • Develop and execute a strategy to increase the membership and reach of the organization,
  • Promote MNT brand and accomplishments, 
  • Develop a content strategy on social media in collaboration with the content team, 
  • Make sure the website and social media content  is updated in a timely manner, 
  • Develop a brand guideline for the organization, 
  • Define KPIs along with the management team and monitor said indicators periodically. 
  • Develops and executes the Social Media strategy
  • Manages and grows the communities of all social media accounts, 
  • Coordinate posts coming from Community Partners,
  • Promotes the events on all Montreal startup groups (Linkedin, twitter, facebook, Reddit MTL startups, etc),
  • Promotes MNT activities, events and initiatives according to MNT’s calendar,
  • Maintains “la veille” of the ecosystem to cover the events of the ecosystem,
  • Covers in collaboration with Webcast and Marketing the events of the ecosystem,
  • Makes sure there are pics taken at all activities of MNT, 
  • Manages the pictures and video material to be used on the social platforms,
  • Responsible for the live broadcast of events: FB live, LinkedIn,
  • Responsible for the live coverage of MNTs events on Twitter and FB.

Outcomes & KPI (how to measure the success)

To be determined in collaboration between the management team and the holder of this responsibility. 

Required Skills and Qualifications


Note: Candidate ideally must have the skills and qualifications here below, but MNT favours attitude (drive, interest for learning, hustling, and an “I’ll figure it out” behavior”) over the skills and qualifications. Having both will assure your position. Also, MNT is committed to diversity and inclusion in the innovation ecosystem; we will favor candidates from the underrepresented communities possessing the required skills and qualifications.

  • Bachelor in Marketing, Communication (or combination of experience equivalence),
  • Bilingual: French and English (Oral & Written),
  • Passionate about startups and/or non-profit sector,
  • Passion for digital and social media with some experience and/or understanding of content planning/advertising and community management on a number of platforms (ex: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter),
  • Advanced knowledge in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook)
  • Excellent communication, writing, and editing  skills,
  • Honest, dynamic, detail-oriented yet efficient, professional, enthusiastic, and resilient,
  • Diplomatic, flexible, capable of adapting, and ease of working with multiple stakeholders,
  • Self-starter with a sense of accountability and the ability to take initiative and ownership of responsibilities,
  • A team-oriented individual who demonstrates a willingness to build collaborative relationships and assist others, yet is capable of working independently,
  • Open to constructive criticism and receptive to changes with regard to the continuous improvement of our services,
  • Possess strong organizational, time management, and project management skills, and is capable of working under pressure and efficiently on multiple projects simultaneously.


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