Open Innovation Day

Lead the change to solve the biggest challenges: the climate crisis, building the city of the future and taking advantage of technologies for sustainable growth

A unique Open Innovation Day in Canada  

This initiative offers a unique space for startup communities from all sectors, researchers as well as academics, companies and public organizations to engage in discussions and find solutions to societal challenges in order to build a more sustainable and inclusive world. 

An active community, 8 large institutions working to tackle societal issues and a mobilized network of partners, invites you to lead the change and (RE)boot together! 

Thematic discussions, brainstorming sessions, exchanges on the obstacles encountered and ideas to overcome them are planned and will aim at starting meaningful initiatives that will benefit society.  

 Whether you already have an idea or a startup in mind that could contribute to positively improving society, whether you want to be a contributor or simply curious about the concept of open innovation or social entrepreneurship, you are invited to be part of the solution! 


Open Innovation Day

12:30 PM to 3:00 PM

An initiative of:

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