Open Innovation Day: Shaping the future of sustainability

Why an Open Innovation Day?

By having a day dedicated to open innovation, one can get a portrait of the key actors of the ecosystem, the process of collaboration and cocreation and learn more about how this approach is applied and concretely illustrated.

This initiative offers a unique space for startup communities from all sectors, researchers as well as academics, companies and public organizations to engage in discussions around a given theme.

For this 1st edition, the community is invited to shape the future of sustainable development in Canada. Come connect and discuss, let’s find solutions to problems together and work towards the development of impactful projects for the benefit of our society.


Cooperathon 2021

12:00 PM to 1:30 PM


Creative Collisions

1:30 PM to 4:00 PM

Fintech & Climate Challenge Final

Begins at 4:00 PM

Throughout the day,
you can participate in 3 free activities:

Cooperathon 2021

Lead the change. (Re)boot together. Shaping the green economy & the ecological transition

For this 1st edition of the Open Innovation DAY, come and join the largest open innovation competition in Canada!

The Cooperathon invites you to Lead the change. (RE)booth together.

(Future) entrepreneurs and open innovation actors, come and explore the opportunities and be inspired by the reality of entrepreneurship to encourage you to bring your idea to life!

Whether you already have an idea in mind that could contribute to positively impact society, whether you want to be a contributor or simply c urious about the concept of open innovation or social entrepreneurship, you are invited to be part of the solution!

Come and meet actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Canada. Learn more about existing initiatives and take advantage of the networking to gauge your idea and discover the benefits of participating in the largest open innovation competition in Canada.

Creative Collisions

Tech Innovation shaping the Canadian Net Zero Future

A new edition of Creative Collisions is here! This online event brings together startups, researchers, companies, students, and professionals to meet and foster innovation opportunities.

Join us for FREE this time thanks to the support of our amazing partner organizations such as the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation, the City of Montreal, Desjardins Open Innovation Lab (Cooperathon, Foundry, Startup in Residence) and Digital Technology Supercluster.

On June 22, Creative Collisions will discuss TECH INNOVATION SHAPING THE CANADIAN NET ZERO FUTURE. This event will focus on the technologies and collaborations of the Canadian Agriculture & Food supply chain in the context of Open Innovation. Startups. Researchers, companies, students, and professionals will be discussing topics such as precision farming, plantbased proteins, agricultural biotechnology & much more.

Fintech & Climate Final challenge

The Fintech & Climate Startup Challenge Finale

Join us for an evening of pitches and live music on June 22nd at 4pm EST to meet the 5 finalists who will face their last challenge after 2 weeks of intensive competition.

These early-stage Canadian fintechs addressing the theme of climate change will be competing for prizes totalizing $45,000!

This challenge is brought to you by Desjardins, in partnership with Fintech Cadence and powered by Startup in Residence.

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