Join us for Startupfest on July 9-12, 2019!

Quartier de l’innovation & Montreal NewTech have an awesome deal for you!!

Limited amount of Exclusive

150$ tickets instead of 550$
Fill this form before June 24th for your exclusive 150$ ticket

Tickets price:

April 8th - June 24th: $150

June 24th - July 1st: $200

Thanks to our great partnership

These tickets would be for Startupfest only. No Premium Fests included.

We are grateful and proud to announce that Quartier de l’innovation is on board to significantly subsidize a limited number of tickets for startups that cannot afford it and have some really cool programming planned for Startupfest.

Huge THANKS to QI for their support and for making this awesome deal happen for our communities.

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You can buy this ticket if

You are part of the MTL NewTech or Quartier de l'Innovation communities
You are in a startup that has been operating for less than 3 years (for the startup ticket) or are a young professional or aspiring entrepreneur with less than 3 years of experience (for the professional ticket)
You are part of a team smaller than 15 people

Startupfest is our yearly startup pilgrimage!

Startupfest is THE event where local startups meet with entrepreneurs from around the world, investors and other institutional players. And we know that our community of early stage startups cannot always afford the 550$ ticket price, even though it is really worth it!

Where there is a will there is a way and we want everyone in our great innovation and entrepreneurship community to take advantage of this amazing gathering! So, just like every year, we try our best to find an awesome partner to help us achieve that goal. This year, we are thankful to Quartier de l’innovation who jumped in to help us bring Montreal aspiring entrepreneurs and startups to Startupfest for only 150$!

Don't miss anything, and go learn more about it right now! (then come back to get this awesome deal) 😉

Fill out the form, get your exclusive pass, and come join us at startupfest

To get it, it’s easy, check if you fit the conditions, fill out the form, and wait for your unique link to get your ticket. Make sure that everyone on your team applies as applications are individual ones. It makes our lives easier to emit the unique links ;) If you don’t apply exactly, shoot us an email at and we will see what we can do :)


Fill this form before June 24th for your exclusive 150$ ticket


Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you at Startupfest!

MTL NewTech & Quartier de l’innovation team