We heard you had a great idea but didn’t know where to begin. Out of The Bubble is hosting a FREE event that will guide you towards startup success. Register to gain valuable insights from major industry players. Burst out of your bubble and take your ideas to the next level.

September 16th, 2020

3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Due to a lack of convenient opportunities and busy academic schedules, students get trapped in their little bubbles – students from different schools rarely interact with each other, and we see the same for students in different faculties or programs.

Additionally, there are not enough resources preparing students for the transition between school and professional life (corporate jobs, entrepreneurship, etc).

This initiative dawned upon us with the following questions in mind- How can we make students more well-rounded and connected? Curious? Have a holistic and interdisciplinary understanding of the world after university?

We’re introducing this initiative with our ‘Out of the Bubble: Kickoff‘ event at the start of the 2020 Fall semester, September 16th. 


The event will take place on the platform Hopin and features the following components:

  • The main stage, where a group of panelists will share their experiences both as students and as entrepreneurs or members of the startup community

  • 4-6 Challenge-based Breakout rooms

  • Virtual Expo Platform

  • 3-minute “Speed-networking” function, which will be offered 30 minutes before the event and any time after the main stage

  • The structure of this event will be similar to Montreal NewTech’s previous online conference.

Event starts in








Igniting friendly conversations between partner groups associated with a diverse set of initiatives (like youth and social entrepreneuship, open innovation, diversity) and students about such initiatives and other topics like resources and involvement opportunities.

Creating an energizing yet comfortable virtual gathering for ideas to transpire by inspiring students to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, and by encouraging learning through collaboration between students and partner groups.

Catalyzing the creation of meaningful individual connections within the network of student and startup communities by providing a platform for conversation and inspiration to happen and flourish.

If you’re part of an organization…

We are currently looking for student groups, companies, and organizations that might be interested to join us at our introductory kickoff event!

To learn more about this initiative and our upcoming event, please contact us below. 


If you’re a senior Undergrad, Master’s or PhD student…

and would like to

  • Step outside the bubble?

  • Be an entrepreneur, or work for a startup?

  • Or curious about the really active, growing startup world of Montréal and Toronto? 

    This event is for you!

    For any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us below.

If you’re interested in joining our team…

we’re always happy to chat with talented, curious individuals looking to volunteer for this upcoming event or Montréal NewTech in general!

Reach out to us at hello@mtlnewtech.com

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Collaborative Online Platform

A place to chat and meet likeminded people, share opportunities, ask for advice, etc. Platform: TBD (Considerations: Slack, Discord, Facebook).

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Curated for students, the newsletter will deliver useful updates, resources, and events happening in the Montréal ecosystem.

Shared Calendar

A shared Google calendar where you can see and share what’s happening around Montréal!

Growing Together

Paving the way to share, connect and grow together. Obviously we’re all about the zoom life right now… but there are so many opportunities in the future!

Any suggestions? We’d love to hear from you!