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Our approach

Accelerate your business objectives and societal impact by leveraging the resources, expertise and networks of a consortium of partners supported by Desjardins and Montreal NewTech.

La Foundry, who is it for?

For startups and scale-ups:

  • Ambitious and audacious team
  • Willing to go faster and further, and strenghtening 1 to 3 key aspects of their company
  • No specific level of maturity, between commercialization and internationalization
  • That meets at least one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • A particular attention will be given to diverse teams and teams led by minorities

What La Foundry is not

  • La Foundry is not an incubator or an accelerator. We work in complement with the actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • La Foundry is not a formatted program but a personalized service based on the startup’s commitment while adapting to its pace
  • La Foundry is not just a connexion agent or an automatic pass to the decision makers of Desjardins, Montreal Newtech and their partners

What our relationship will be like



carefully to your company reality and craft together the perimeter of your needs for the next 3 to 5 months.


clear and achievable goals together for a period of up to 5 months, renewable*.
*Certain conditions apply.


your personalized support plan and right connexions at the right time and for the right needs and goals.

Advantages of La Foundry

Flexible and scalable service

customized to the specific needs and pace of each startup.

Access to a vast selected network

of partners and experts, decision makers and professionals in targeted industries.

Development opportunities

visibility and growth in a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Community diversity

facilitating learning, idea exchange, and cross-polination of experiences and expertises between startups, subject matter experts, and professionals.

Committed team

with extensive experience in supporting startups, many of them having already gone through the entrepreneurial journey.

Free of charge

initially for startups thanks to the financial support of our partners.

We can help. What would you like to do?


I am a startup that would like to benefit from La Foundry services


I want to refer a startup, an expert or a potential partner or client


I’m an expert or a potential partner who would like to help startups


Who better to talk about La Foundry than the people behind the startups that have received support from us?


Adaptive: flexible and responsive to changing business needs.
Human: as opposed to industrial.
Concrete: anchored in action, results as opposed to academic processes.”
(Translated from French)

Adèle Salin-Cantengrel
Co-founder and CEO, SCIKOOP INC

CANN Forecast Logiciel

“First of all, I’d say that support helps us the most. In addition, your great availability is great if we have a question your speed of response is really fast and you adapt to our needs.
Your network of contacts is also really impressive, and you’re good at guiding us to experts who can help us. You also know a lot of event opportunities that could be interesting for us.
In short, it’s been a real pleasure so far, and I can’t say enough good things about you!”
(Translated from French)

Nicolas Fortin St-Gelais
Co-founder and Scientific Director, CANN Forecast Logiciel

DYNAMO - Dynamic Mobility

“Three months ago, we set ourselves the mission of achieving three major goals that would strengthen the foundations of our company and help make a traffic-free future a reality.

Today, thanks to the massive help of each and every one of you, we’ve achieved these goals and more! This has only been possible thanks to your continued support.

It’s been a pleasure working with you, and we’ll see you again!”
(Translated from French)

Amir Metwally
CEO, DYNAMO – Dynamic Mobility

HOP Tech

“… what we particularly appreciated was the support we received from our company to move our project forward on two fronts: the pilot project and financial support. What’s more, the great openness of the people in charge of the Foundry to hearing our needs and realities as a company.”
(Translated from French)

Marc-Antoine Pelletier
CEO, Hop Tech


Sanctuary: for all early-stage founders who face lots of challenges with their journey, they need to talk with someone. My mentors at La Foundry have always had a fair hearing to listen to founders.
Resourceful: My mentors leverage their network to assist me in reaching out to other resources, which is vital for many startups
Patient: Indeed, they are patient and kind, which know no boundaries, and their support goes beyond their commitments to only the work-related tasks for the startups. In other words, my mentors are also my coaches.
Hope it helps, however, words are not able to depict what you are. Many thanks for your amazing support and congratulations to Desiardins for having such valuable people in their team.”
(Traduit de l’anglais) 

Mehdi Masoumi
Founder, Deaf-Ai


“What I appreciated most about your support was the quality and diversity of your network of partners. Thanks to you, I’ve been able to get in touch with competent professionals specializing in different fields. Your ability to identify and put the right people in touch with each other is a real asset of your service.
As for the three words that best define your services, I would choose: connectivity, expertise and support.
Your service offers true connectivity with a wide network of partners, enabling you to explore numerous opportunities for collaboration. What’s more, your partners’ expertise is undeniable, and their contribution has been invaluable to the development of my project. Finally, the support you offer throughout the process is very much appreciated, as it enables me to benefit from comprehensive and personalized guidance.”
(Translated from French)

Anouar Kalboussi
Fondateur, Eventboo


“La Foundry is a tailor-made service offered by a team dedicated to the success of our business. La Foundry listens to the needs of the company and, above all, of the entrepreneurs, and is always available to pass on opportunities for outreach. In short, La Foundry is a human-to-human service based on listening to the needs of startups and supporting their growth.”
(Translated from French)

Frédérick Drouin
COO and Co-founder, Displaid inc.


“I appreciated the personalized support, and your availability. I really liked the flexibility of the support, the fact that I could access services (legal, financial etc…) and the contacts with coaches and entrepreneurs. For me, having the support of a structure like the foundry gives me the confidence to move forward.”
(Translated from French)

Mariem Abid
CEO, Applicare


“3 words :
Unconditional support
A reliable network connection

Without La Foundry, the road would have been a lonely and difficult one.

Without La Foundry I’d probably still be looking for someone willing to work with a garage contractor like me. With La Foundry, all their connections were followed through. That’s why I’ll always trust their ability to put me in touch with the right people who can help me.

What La Foundry has offered me that no other program can is support over a long period of time that really addresses the issues I’m facing at any given time.”

Rebecca Ung
CEO, Kumu


“Three keywords:
1. Knowledgable team,
2. Caring support and
3. Supporting startups on their own terms.

Let me flash out the above. Instead of imposing your own programs and beliefs… you ask us first on how you can support us. This allows us to be truly accelerated instead of following a fixed curriculum that is not aligned with where things are for us.
I really appreciate that at La Foundry, you work with the founders in the ways they need support.”
(Traduit de l’anglais)

Dóra Jámbor
Co-founder & CEO, Mohana


“First of all, thank you very much for the continuous support of La Foundy and you are very efficient and to the point. If you want to give just 3 keywords to describe La Foundry’s services, it would be supportive, responsive and great visibility for us. La Foundry’s support service is an excellent benefit to any startup that needs it.”

Mahsa Alimi
CEO, Biosam

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