Creative Collisions is a series of industry challenge-driven conferences where industry, startups and research meet to discuss opportunities for collaboration for open innovation projects around technology.

Industry players to discover and identify new technology solutions, IPs, talent and other tech innovation resources,

Startups and researchers to showcase their technology solutions before potential partners and understand from first hand the realities and the challenges of the industries.

Ultimately, Creative Collisions are experimentation, discoverability, and collaboration.

🧬🧪🔬 How will Health Care and Life Science change in the next 5 to 10 years? Medicine will become predictive, personalized, precise and preventative! But what does this reality really look like?

On March 17th, Montreal NewTech is hosting a very special edition of Creative Collisions, a unique event that brings together industry, researchers and startups in a collaborative environment that will spark new ideas and partnership opportunities!


MARCH 17th, 2021

Event Information Time
Creative Collision: The tech & collaborations shaping the future of life science
Collaborations that will shape the future of life science Panel Discussion 1:00PM–1:45PM
Technologies that will shape the future of life science
Predictive and Preventive Medicine Breakout Session 1:45PM–3:00PM
Personalized and Precision Medicine Breakout Session 1:45PM–3:00PM
Augmented Human Tech Breakout Session 1:45PM–3:00PM
Women Health Tech Breakout Session 1:45PM–3:00PM

Effervescence Montreal
Effervescence Pan-Canadian Startup Pitch Competition Stage 3:00PM–5:00PM
Open Networking Networking 5:00PM–6:30PM


Montreal Newtech is currently working on a platform to help startups and companies find the talent they need for their innovation projects. We are currently running a Beta test.

Check out here below according to your needs or interests.

Are you looking for high-skilled talent from the STEM fields?

Are you looking for a job, a project, or a mission where to use your skills?

What are you looking for?


Discover the future uses of innovations

Exposed challenges our industries face to keep worldwide competitiveness based on high-value technology innovation & respective innovative business models around it,

Highlighted key access points for support and talent for companies, including startups, incubators, accelerators, organizations, etc.

Transferred knowledge of existing open innovation best practices between parties,

Promoted “hands-on” collaboration to build intimate relationships between parties,

Introduced pre-commercialization startups to the expertise and resources of established companies to improve their market positioning.

Intellectual fireworks happen at Creative Collisions

Framed under the principles of open innovation, Creative Collisions promotes interaction, experimentation, cross-pollination, serendipity, and cooperation between industry players, community, and startups in a low-risk, secure, and collaborative environment leading to innovation.