Montréal Startup Community Events


Because of what we do at MTL NewTech, we get asked everyday about what events are happening in the city.

This is a curated list of startup and developer events happening in Montreal.

A commonplace for the community

Imagine how much you could learn when meeting up with entrepreneurs, techies,  organizers, and other community members.   Montreal NewTech’s Calendar is the way to stay on top of new technologies and the startup scene. Are you ready for the ride?

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Out of The Bubble Conference

How to Launch Your Startup Successfully in 2020

September 16th 3:00 PM online

We heard you had a great idea but didn’t know where to begin. Out of The Bubble is hosting a FREE event that will guide you towards startup success. Register to gain valuable insights from major industry players. Burst out of your bubble and take your ideas to the next level.