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How about endeavouring in the innovation world, where technology, startups, entrepreneurship and applied research are the bread & butter of every day?

What about working with a great team of tech enthusiasts who always thrive for innovation? If you are a hustler and a self-driven person like us and you savour the challenges and possess a natural attitude of “I’ll figure it out,” when you are not given all the answers, then we definitively want to hear from you.

Current opportunities

Communication – Marketing Coordinator

Passioned for digital marketing and social media with experience and/or understanding of content planning/advertising and community management on a number of platforms? This might be your call. Learn more or apply now

Project Coordinator

You are a structured person, who likes harmony and find it easy to follow-up and measure the progress of plans and projects? You will like this opportunity. Learn more or apply now.


You want to get yourself implicated in the innovation world, with startups, research centers, or simply want to add one or more abilities to your skillset? Hustling with MNT is the fast-track to do so while growing your network of contacts in the ecosystem. Send us your application here.